City Profile
Welcome to SCW City Profiles, our new editorial channel which snapshots global cities and their particular evolution into smart living.

These city profiles look at individual cities, what their pressing challenges are, and how they are using technological innovation to deal with these in a political, social and economic context. But rather than being frozen in time, they are dynamic, being added to, as and when new developments, policies, initiatives and innovations are reached.

We kick off the series with smart city poster child Singapore. Marching towards smart nationhood, this country is dealing with an ageing population, digital disruption, lack of resources and land scarcity. Needing to compete on the world stage in the face of digital disruption, means it needs to establish a homegrown eco-system, reskill its population and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit with its young.

In the coming months, we will be adding a new reports to the series, but you’ll also notice we have created a number of city-specific dedicated resources where you can find the latest news and updates affiliated to that particular city.

If you’d like to add to our resource, then please get in touch with news about your own particular city. As always we look forward to hearing from you.

Special Reports

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